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About Idola Vision
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The Challenge
The challenges facing the organizations have always been difficult. In an environment of increasing complexity, your organization must deliver innovative solutions to business needs while working within constrained budgets. The Credit Crisis of 08 has now made that job even more difficult. Organizations over the coming months will need to address industry consolidation, increased risk management, and deferred projects and hiring.
The Idola Solution

Idola has strong experience and understanding of financial domain with particular focus on Risk and Regulatory Compliance. This coupled with in-depth knowledge of technology and efficient process, Idola can seamlessly bridge the gap between business and IT to provide Hi-Tech, Cost Effective and Quality solutions.

Founded on the principles of Excellence, Reliability and Value, Idola provides solutions that meet the short or long term demands of the industry.

About Us

 Idola Infotech was founded in 2002 by a team that specialized in software product development and the deployment of complex technology projects. Its management consists of banking experts, leaders of the regulatory compliance market, and senior technology specialists. They have developed commercial products for one of the largest vendors of financial services software. Project management experience has been earned across a wide range of financial institutions from some of the largest in the world to small community banks. Idola has implemented and deployed software solutions domestically and internationally earning its reputation for excellence, reliability, and value.

In addition to Financial Domain, Idola has strong experience includes Retail, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunication and Manufacturing sectors having implemented Portal, eCommerce (B2B and B2C), Content Management, Data Warehousing and Data Mining solutions. The team also has vast experience in Program Management, Process Implementation, Business Analysis, Architecting, Estimation and Implementation of software solutions. Supported by a team of engineers with strong technical skills and driven by the passion to excel in what they do, Idola has the capability to provide high quality products and services.