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Idola is dedicated to its core principles of excellence, reliability, and value. These principles align with those of any leading solution provider and form the basis of our working relationship. Following are important points to consider when evaluating Idola for your client support needs.

bullet   A managing partner from Idola is assigned to each client. It is the managing partners responsibility to assure the success of the relationship.
bullet  Assigned Idola staff will be tasked with developing domain and technology expertise required for the successful implementation of a client project. Additionally, backup staff will be used to assure continuity on engagements.
bullet  Idola has developed substantial domain expertise in banking, regulatory compliance and technology. This expertise has been developed over 6 years while perfecting service delivery to clients.
bullet  Idola staff have been trained to identify added value services at their clients. These opportunities are regularly communicated with our partners to increase revenue opportunity during an engagement.
bullet  Contracting is between the FSV and their client with all top line revenue recognized by the FSV. Idola will bill the FSV directly for its services with no impact on revenue
bullet  Idola has developed a pricing structure that is designed to maintain low predictable costs allowing shared margin between the FSV and Idola.