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Application Maintenance Service

In todayís economy, financial institutions have reduced IT spending and staff. Consequently, they are responsible for supporting multiple software products; often without sufficient expertise. This can lead to sub-optimal use of product functionality and inhibits the business from making the best use of the product in line with changing business needs.

To learn more, please download "Application Maintenance Service description."

Client Testimonials

"Not every business relationship exceeds your expectations. Even less often is such a relationship provided at reasonable cost. Fortunately, I have had the pleasure of working with Idola over the last 6 years during which they have exemplified the attributes of quality and value.

Idola has played a key role in the support of my business goals. They are aligned with the Josefa Groups' philosophy of quality, trust, and value. As such, I look forward to continuing our relationship as well as recommend Idola for their product development and professional services. "

- Sal Cangialosi , President, The Josefa Group

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