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Idola - SWIFT Message Director Product Description
SWIFT Message Director 2.0
The SWIFT Message Director 2.0 is an application that reads a SWIFT message in its original and raw format. This raw format is usually not human readable and is very cryptic. This application parses it into human-readable format. They can then take specific action based on the information in the parsed output message. The application primarily has two components; the service and a viewer.

SMD 2.0 Service

The service reads the raw SWIFT messages from a user-configured folder, parses the message, converts it into a human-readable format and directs or routes the message to a folder, printer or email based on how it is configured. The application has a user interface for configuring printers and folders for various message types. Features
  • Configuration options
    • All folders such as Message Input path, Message Output path where the service stores the original raw messages after parsing them are all configurable.
    • Configuring Printers and folders to Direct Messages to specific printers.
    • Configuring Folders to save Messages.
    • Optional Application Default Printer which is the default printer for the service can be configured.
    • Detailed logging.
  • Saves the message in three different formats in these folders. The three formats are:
    • Raw and unformatted message
    • Human readable message.
    • Message formatted in XML.
  • Runs as a Windows Service.
  • Resolves message file name for situations where different messages have the same file name coming in from the SWIFT alliance.

SMD 2.0 Viewer

The Viewer provides a user interface to open a SWIFT message and view the parsed output as well as the message in the XML format.


  • Allows the user to open a message in its original format and view the parsed message. The parsed message is displayed in user-friendly format, XML and the raw message
  • Allows easy switching between the 3 formats
  • Allows the users to print the message in any of these three formats.
  • Availability of Print Preview feature
  • Choice of saving any format to the users computer or network
  • Detailed Logging


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