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A*StarSM Auditor
The A*StarSM Audit is a comprehensive review of test score results to assure their suitability for their intended purpose. The review examines the psychometric characteristics of the test and the standardization of the test administration and scoring. Where the review finds limitations or problems, the source, nature, and significance are identified. The review may also be used to identify areas of exemplary performance, measures of achievement gain, correlates of performance and other characteristics. Test results are often influenced by the environment in which they are administered. Flaws in test design or misapplication of tests may become apparent only when administered under operational conditions. Further, errors or omissions in testing procedures and inattention to proctor training may significantly skew the results from the very best tests. These "environmental" effects may be more pronounced among lower performing test takers, misdirecting the interpretation of test scores and the decisions based on them.
Service Offering
The A*StarSM Audit service is a comprehensive review of all classroom groups based on collected test results. Each class is measured according to the normal variation of its peers and a detailed analysis is performed on each irregular group. The audit is processed by sophisticated, patented, computer software.

The A*StarSM Audit provides an offsite, confidential, timely review without intruding into classroom, test center, or office operations. The review results provide support for high quality assessment, direction for areas where improvement may be indicated, and, where necessary, identification of instances of improper influence on the test administration.

The A*StarSM Audit results have been validated time and again through monitoring of test administrations, on-site audits, review of answer documents, study of sequential test administrations and study of response pattern irregularities across institutions and test taker groups.

A*StarSM Auditor product
The A*StarSM Audit is conducted by entering the detailed test results into a sophisticated software program, a program developed after years of on-site reviews, methodological development, and applications in school and industry settings. The processing of the data through the analysis is monitored by application specialists and interpreted by psychometricians. The product accurately captures the statistical models and has been tested using data from several years of actual tests of elementary and middle school as well as vocational and ability to benefit tests.
  • Management control
  • Deters improper influence
  • Non Intrusive
  • Real time evaluation
  • Prioritization and Guidance
  • Proven Capability

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