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Application Management
With Idola as your partner, expect more from your investments in building and managing your applications. More than simply a tactical advantage, application management outsourcing is a strategic partnership that helps unlock greater value from your technology investments.
Product Implementations and Upgrades
We provide standard technical installation services along with the requisite advisory services that lead to a successful project. Our expertise allows us to assist our FSV partners with Business Requirement and Functional Requirement Documents along with updates to policy and procedure that will guide an implementation in line with true business needs. Leveraging our "just in time" staffing model, we will deploy products quicker and at lower cost than provided by full time staff.
Environment Configuration
Technicians can be provided that will setup servers, relational databases, network infrastructure, and pre-requisite software for your projects. Idola’s expertise in product implementations, testing, and disaster recovery will lead to efficient and effective technology environments.
Application Maintenance
Ongoing application support and maintenance services can be offered to an FSV. Support plans can be tailored to specific needs and can range from first level to full remediation support. Using facilities both inside and outside the US, Idola can offer full 24 X 7 coverage of the most critical applications.
SWIFT Services
A full range of services can be offered for customers using the SWIFT network. These services include training, consulting, SWIFT software installation and upgrades, development of interfaces to third party applications, message translation and transaction extracts, disaster recovery planning, and full outsourcing of the SWIFT operation.