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Application Development
Application development outsourcing helps organizations adapt to the rapid technology advancements and evolving business processes. Outsourcing software development helps them fulfill their need for newer customized solutions or transformation of existing systems to state-of-the-art environments, while retaining the embedded business processes, rules and logic.
Essential Drivers for Application Development Outsourcing
Adapting to new technology advancements in underlying application infrastructure and successful application development and deployment remains the primary challenges for organizations, worldwide. In addition, IT faces the challenge of stringent budgets and aggressive timelines for any development initiative.

All this calls for adopting strategies that provide maximum flexibility and effective techniques to manage applications early in the development stages and ensure a long and productive application life. As an application development outsourcing partner, Idola can deliver benefits beyond cost savings. Our suite of Application Development outsourcing service offerings includes:

• Offshore product development
• Custom application development
• New application development
• Rapid application development.

Software Product Customization
Idola can provide software development services that meet the unique needs of our FSV clients. Using its domain expertise, Idola can clearly capture and document business requirements and translate them into innovative solutions to the most critical and complex organizational needs.
Deployment Support
Often overlooked after the challenges faced during a project’s life cycle is the need for appropriate deployment support. End users, management, technology, and security staff need assistance and training during the cutover to a new product. Idola can assist in the post-cutover support process by developing and executing the deployment plan.
System Integration
It is well understood that system integration can consume a substantial portion of a project’s overall budget. Idola draws upon its implementation experience to assist your organization with data conversions, system interfaces, data mapping, relational database design, and inter-application communication to provide seamless links to all interconnected systems.